Crash coffee-sad-son - RDR2_b1436.exe!sub_ 141DCD004 (0x9ce)

Hello, many people on my server for two or three days, they have massively these crashes in areas near the towns, Rhodes, Valentine, strawberry and many other places, every 5 to 10 minutes there is a crash,

when the server exceeds 80 - 100 users there are more crashes in a row.


I was having the same issue.

I have a solution, but I do not know if it will work for everyone.
What’s happening is RedM is trying to open on the iGPU instead of the dedicated GPU


  1. Press your windows key and search “Device Manager” and open it.
  2. Open the little arrow/triangle for your desktop/PC then go down to Display adapters and open that triangle as well.
  3. Right click your non-dedicated GPU (Secondary GPU) and which if you don’t know what your main GPU is, you can lookup both GPU’s and compare for which is better and just disable the worst performing one.
  4. Your displays may flicker and some possible applications may stop working, if they do just reopen them, but after that i suggest opening task manager and checking if any RedM processes are still running, if so end those processes.
  5. Launch RedM, it should work now and load up the CFX menu or the game itself, at this point you may reenable your non-dedicated GPU but do note that you will have to disable your non-dedicated GPU again before launching RedM in the future if you close out of it.

Credit to Xarturs on Reddit for the fix!
Happy Roleplaying :slight_smile:

EDIT: Pressing Windows key+X will bring up the superuser menu and is much faster to open the Device Manager :slight_smile: