Crash at launch Redm "error, unable to launch Code:4004.23"

**Server Artifact Version: i dont know
**Operating System (Windows/Linux): windows
**Error screenshot (if any):

**Crash files (if any): (95.9 KB)

Describe your issue
After login, and input email and password, the error, unable to launch Code:4004.23
**What have you tried? reinstal 2 times, deletes cache

Same issue, any solution ?

change email for rockstargames

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in my case i buy new game in rockstar and now it’s working perfectly (i have a steam version previously)

Just remove this option on Rockstar launcher on your PC, and try to open RedM again.

i remove it and still have the error the redm not sign in

I am getting this same error all of a sudden.

I’ve reinstalled RedM and Rockstar Launcher and it still happens.

I’ve also closed everything out and logged into the Rockstar Launcher first before RedM and it still happens.

Does anyone have a fix?

yeah i removed the automatic sign in and it still doesnt work???