Crash after start up screen - (Error 213?)

GTAV Status - Clean
GTAV Legit - YES

Launch FiveReborn… Error 213 on Rockstar Social Club.
Press Retry.
Launching FiveReborn Start up
Window Closes momentarily and GTAV loads showing black screen
Approx 5 seconds later Five reborn background appears with logo in top right and mouse in top left
Almost immediately Five Reborn has stop responding.
Close Program is only option

Tried running as admin… no difference

Please HELP!

Windows 10 Aniv update? Launch in compatibility mode Win8

Do what @Boss said. If it worked, see this

Problem Original Windows 10 PC.

Can’t/Don’t know how to get to windows 8. Its there a possible windows 10 fix?

@JRMAGINN13 alt text

It’s in german but here the text format:

->Right click on the fivereborn.exe
->Compatibility mode -> Windows 8
->Start program with admin privileges

vielen Dank

@Trust37 I’m so going to steal that GIF :smile: