Covid-19 Masks [MALE] + [FEMALE]

Vmenu = Shirt & Accessory : 2

Covid-19 Mask.rar (824.3 KB)


Would be cool to have a BLM mask and some blank ones! :+1:


A blue lives matter mask, essential workers mask, and some army masks would be cool.


for the ones sayin “would be cool to have” im just saying it super easy to edit it and change it you your liking … just use openiv import the files and change the mask logo to what ever you want
once you import to openiv you will see ytd files just edit those
make a copy and past but just change it a litttle image like so just keep the trend going

here one il just done taken me few seconds todo :smiley:

ps… make sure openiv is in edit mode :smiley: :smiley: also if you going to edit it you need to photoshop or any other paint softwear with the dds plug in


I don’t think so. But how about you make it yourself :slight_smile:

I will :slight_smile:

Do you have a template by chance? @GeoLix (Looking for a plain black one)

just edit one that already there

here is a black one (10.3 MB)



if you have already an eup stream folder you can paste the ytd and ydd there and its gonna work

You should add to the post that its only EUP.

I dont understand why everyone thinks that streaming addon clothing is “eup”. EUP stands for emergency uniform pack.

This is NOT eup, but is rather streamable clothing.

Thats true but is easier to stream some clothes :blush: with eup stream


Great Job on them!

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how to add it on clockroom?

will this still work if there is no A option because it starts with BScreenshot_108

First you need a patreon key

i have black live matter mask in my server