Couldn't start resource esx_skin


I’m trying to install the Nicoo_Charcreator , but get following error messages when trying to launch my server after installing skinchanger, esx_skin and Nicoo_Charcreator:
Couldn’t start resource esx_skin
Couldn’t find resource Nicoo_Charcreator

Any help would be much appreciated!

Make sure the resource is started after the ‘esx_skin’ & ‘skinchanger’ resources
if you did this check filename.

I’ve checked both.

First skinchanger, then esx_skin and then nicoo_charcreator.
And the names match up with the .cfg file.

Any idea what might be causing the esx_skin to not start?

starting the server and restart esx_skin or skinchanger check client and server console for any error.

I launched the server and don’t have access to those restart commands.

I heard somewhere everyone needs access to a certain command for esx_skin, is this true?

Where do I need to go to give myself access to all commands?

Edit: I just saw this while trying to start esx_skin from txAdmin

Could not find dependency es_extended for resource esx_skin.

What fixes this?

add_ace group.admin command allow # allow all commands
add_ace group.admin command.quit deny # but don't allow quit
add_principal identifier."yoursteamhex" group.admin # devoutrain - server-commandline-admin

Where do I add this?

sorry i forget server.cfg

Okay Thanks

This hasn’t worked.

I added it to my server.cfg and inserted my Steam hex, but it still doesn’t let me type commands.

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