Couldn't start resource chat due to dependecy webpack not starting

Hi! I got this error in log when trying to start the resource “chat” on Linux Debian 8

Running build tasks on resource webpack - it'll restart once completed.

Could not start dependency webpack for resource chat.

e[93mCouldn't start resource chat.e[0m

Using original fx-server chat resource, am I missing something? :frowning:
Any help will be greatly appreciated thx :heart:

There is a problem with webpack resource

Do you have webpack folder?

Yes I have :frowning:

Try to clone new webpack folder and replace it
You can also try to clone chat once again

Nothing changed :frowning:
Still same error…

I also got this issue but idk if it related

Error: EACCES: permission denied, open '/home/testuser/.yarnrc'

Building resource webpack failed.

Error data: yarn failed!

No “.yarnrc” in /home/testuser btw…