Couldn't Find Steam ID, But Steam Is running?!

So im trying to join this server that ive been playing on for months. But i seem to be getting this error lately
“[SA] [312] Jonah Ramson left (Couldn’t find SteamID please re-launch the game while Steam is open)”
But steam is open! And in Online Mode! Ive tried Relogging, restarting my PC, and Verifying Game Cache! I need help!

opt out of the steam beta’s, using the search function on the forums typically helps before making posts.

I have, Still couldnt find it. Also i did opt out of Steam Beta

this is a wide spread issue, there is several topics in the technical support topic where this one should be as well, far as i can tell this is a issue with steam.

hmm maybe, Guess im waiting for the Next Steam update ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yes. I have been getting this issue as well. So its a (global) thing possibly.

Connection rejected by server: Unable to find SteamID, please relaunch FiveM with steam open or restart FiveM & Steam if steam is already open

I have this problem when I use es

So i have a similar problem. Iam hosting a Linux root server and i am not able to join