Couldn't find Asset Key for Encrypted Resource

A buddy of mine has been running into an issue with his server. He purchased a resource (Pateron is the same, Server License is the same, so everything should be tied together) and when he attempts to join, he is met with:

Couldn't find the asset key for encrypted resource brofx_harmhouse_02: this server is either running an 
outdated FXServer version, or you're using the replay editor, which is currently unsupported.

Server is running build 5445 (From:

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Still have this issue, and haven’t been able to resolve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did the user perhaps do anything weird to disable svadhesive?

I don’t think so, I’ll have to try and join myself. I’ll update here in a few minutes and see. I appreciate the reply.

do you have a fix?

This was fixed by having the user reinstall FiveM to the latest version. Server was not the issue in this case.

In open iv, it doesn’t let it open either, reinstalling the fivem to the new version, would the error be solved?