Could not resolve the IP specified

Hello i have this “Little Problem” when i want to run my server via my Private IP adress… (Localhost server for Developing and testing)…
Your help were really nice i hope you have a great day

Create a new key at with the IP specified in the error, then replace the sv_licenseKey value in your server.cfg file. ofcourse shutdown the server when u do this and after that turn it on again.

Helle Guys,

My FiveM Keymaster is buggy or something, because if i make a new key
says it to me “Could not resolve the IP specified”. That means I can’t make a new key.
Can anyone help me?

This may be not unique to you, if you’re 100% positive the IP you input is correct and can be reached, I suggest waiting and retrying in a few hours.

did you find a solution?

There is currently a bug in keymaster, when it gives you this error, click “Generate” until it works… I am not kidding that is actually the “workaround”. Rockstar is aware of this issue tho.

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I waited 1 day and then it worked idk what i did

did you see my comment about how there was a bug? lol

This incident has been resolved. If there are any incidents like this in the future, please create a new topic.