Could not load component manifest citizen-resources-metadata-lua.dll HELP!

I need help with this issue. i have allowed it past my firewall. my gpu drivers are up to date (GTX 1070) and i have been looking on the forums for the past 2 hours for a solution with no result. i have found similar issues though.

Did you try re-installing FiveReborn?
What windows version you on?

Moved to support.

sorry i realized the problem. i dug deeper and found out that when i downloaded it i sent it straight to my downloads folder and the opened it and extracted all the stuff there. so when i moved all the stuff over i missed the citizen-resources-metadata-lua.dll file. I looked for it in my downloads, put it in the folder where i moved everything else and it worked straight away.
silly me. XD

Doesn’t matter! Glad you joined the community! :smile: