"Could not find auto-started resource pack" (Car models)


I can’t get to run resource pack with cars on the server. I did everything according to this tutorial, 1 by 1 and always ends with error in server log “Could not find auto-started resource pack”.
I trying deleting every think from “http-files” in cache folder. Here is screen:

is there a tab or spaces before “- cars”?

Also, just put the individual files into the stream folder. I do not think separating them in folders works.

You citmp-server is wrong. Make sure you use the correct format of adding cars

Problem was with __resource.lua. I created it in WorldPad, and save in other format, and change name file with .lua ending.
I recreate this file in NotePad++ with save in lua file and this solve problem.

Thanks for help.

@Boss You can add this to F.A.Q. or something like that. :wink:

Some vehicles don’t work with FiveM (Example: [YCA] Scrat’s vehicles need extra fixing before they are compatible with FiveM)