Could not authenticate server license key

I got an active key and it doesn’t work.

(Removed pictures due to showing license key) - d0p3t

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  3. The license key is “Inactive”. Click “Inactive” to activate it again

I have the same Fatal Error. My key is activated in
I know nothing about programming or other stuff.
Could someone help me please!

Copy that private license key (which is private) into the correct section of you server.cfg. Probably at the bottom somewhere. (Make sure the key is “Active”) in the keymaster dashboard.

Thank you for your quick reply.
Unfortunaly I already copy the private license key at the bottom section of server.cfg and activated it (and is in active state at I did a lot of research on youtube and found good information, but for me I didn’t work. I use the correct initial IP

1/ When I run the runserver.bat.
server license key authentication succeeded. Welcome!
the bottom line is green "authenticated with Nucleus: https://…

after a while: sending heartbeat to https:// … ingress

2/The following error is shown when I click on my ID (in
“System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: The request was canceled due to the configured HttpClient.Timeout of 15 seconds elapsing.”

When I start FiveM I don’t find the name nor IP in the list of all the servers.

Thanks for your help, maybe you or a friend could help me?

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really weird ive built the server twice today and still getting this its like a tainted ghost i swear

What is the IP to connect to your server? Is it homehosted or a dedicated server?

It seems like the key in your is not matching the actual IP of the server you host.

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im attempting to build fivem server local host i have the gameserver from zap
this only happens when i attempt to play via local host. thanks for respond

In the keymaster dashboard you can create a new key. In your local server.cfg file you need to fill in that key as a token at the bottom somewhere.

In Zap hosting the key (which should be a different key) goes at the bottom of the settings page. Keep in mind that this is not neccesary since zap has a key by default. Only use it if you are FiveM patreon supporter or something like that.

conclusion: Input a key from the keymaster dashboard into your local server file: server.cfg.
See youtube for some tutorials

(We are talking about a unique key per server)

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I used the following YT video: It understand everything.

I activated the key and set it correctly in the “server.cfg”-file on the right place (bottom line). First between bracket and without.

1/ screenshot 1: When I launch runserver I have server license key authentification succeeded. Welcome!

2/ screenshot 2: Is there a mistake in my config file?

When I go to and locate my ID, the state is active and i have inserted the correct initial IP

Query Error: System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: The request was canceled due to the configured HttpClient.Timeout of 15 seconds elapsing.

I tried with and without antivirus and with and without firewall

I don’t know if I’m make myself clear enough (english is not my primary language)

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Unless you are having problems authenticating in the console, there’s no problem with your key. The status error indicator is probably an error when FiveM tried to query your server status and is unlikely to affect your server. I believe you can safely ignore it look at your first screenshot. Everything looks fine

Have you found a solution to yours yet? I’m having the same issue


I am also having the same issue. Has anyone found a solution?

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I am also having this issue, has anyone found a solution?

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If I have a rented server from zap hosting, what category is that considered for the license key? and do I put zap hosting as my provider on the key?

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