Could anyone point me in the right direction of how to fix this MDT?

Or maybe suggest a better one thats easier to setup

Also, I tried alot of things, Imported the sql into the database, also did made sure oxmysql was ensure in my config.cfg

Can you show your server.cfg?

Heres the server.cfg I appreciate any insight you can provide!!

when the server is starting up, does the resource qb-dispatch get started, and if so does it start before qb-mdt-main?

Also, can you show the resource manifest for qb-dispatch?

qb-dispatch doesnt exist, all the notifications come from qb-policejob, If I were to add qb-dispatch, would that fix this issue? and would I also need to disable notifications for qb-policejob?

If you don’t have a getdispatchcalls function in your qb-policejob then you delete/comment all the references to exports[“qb-dispatch”] :GetDispatchCalls() or install qb-dispatch

Ive chosen to install qb-dispatch, I appreciate the help!!!