🔫 Core Weapon - Magazines, attachments in inventory with UI

I like this script it has been written very well and it is very easy for beginners and it is greate

Great weaponshop + fully OPEN ! you can customise it very easy

I like it, even though i probably don’t use it nearly enough :smiley:

Looking good!

I’m blown away by the innovation and creativity showcased in this script. It’s a testament to the developer’s talent.

Lookin good!

Yo, lemme put you on game ‘bout dat Core Weapon script, fam! Been rockin’ it heavy and straight up feelin’ it! With dem magazines, attachments right in yo’ inventory with dat clean UI, it’s takin’ yo’ arsenal game to a whole new level. Big shoutout to da developer for droppin’ dat heat, keepin’ it fresh and essential for all da shooters out there!

Nice weapon script

Very very good script ! I love it !

Awesome job!