🗺️ Core Hud - Oval radar/map, Clean design, Use stress or voice or id

Are you using vMenu?

There is another script that conflicts with this one thats why its happening

I dont even see that u bought it and u want help?

Hey DeivisMac2, just noticed that fivem-store is selling your scripts. Not sure if its with or without permission but just thought I’d let you know. https://www.fivem-store.com/product/status-hud-v29/

They sell without my permission and anybody elses also someone reported that they dont even deliver the products

Hello big problem with the addons it works once in 5 when I restart the server suddenly it is my correct one shot it is like its PS: I checked and I have nothing to overlap

Everyone who thinks of posting here their problems please contact support. I dont see transaction ids and i wont provide support for illegally obtained resources.

Where can I contact support?

there is a link in tebex

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the whole website is a scam to steal peoples money.

hey ! can you make a car HUD in this style please ? (same pill for the fuel for exemple)

Can i get one :smiley: but without mic too ? :smiley: