🔨 Core Crafting [QB/ESX] - Advanced crafting system with Levels, Blueprints, Queue, Categories, Success Rate

It has great functionality and a very nice and comfortable design.

Fantastic script,well done bro

great script, good support

The craft and blueprint system is well prepared, good job.

Best Crafting script around Benches, Levels and XP, Blueprints

Awesome Script, made crafting things easier, no issues, and quality support and UI

:fire: :fire: :fire:

good script. Very Interesting

great work

It looks amazing. Very Interesting

Damn nice work!

This script is an absolute game-changer! The level of detail and functionality it provides is simply outstanding.

soo good scripts and so much open to make things that you like it and want to^^

Best crafting script multiple benches customizable.lua worth every penny


Can I change it to open the production menu by pressing the key?

Yo, dis Core Crafting script be straight up dope, fam! Ain’t nothin’ like levelin’ up yo craftin’ game, hustlin’ wit dem blueprints, and stackin’ dem success rates. Big ups to da developer for droppin’ dis advanced system in da mix!

frankly incredible script nothing to say easy to configure and no compatibility problems I recommend 100% continue like that

Best crafting mod out there

Core Crafting!

This script Is perfect for roleplay servers within the five m community! Everything Is straight forward to get this setup and running on your server, but, If you do run into issues they have a awesome community and team within their discord server.

I’m hoping to purchase more of Core’s Scripts and implement them into my server, I would highly recommend purchasing from these guys.