🚨 Core Car Rental - Zipcar, Easy car rental for new players! [PAID]

For some reason, 2 things happen…

  1. replacing the cars with my own cars ends up not showing the option to rent the car even though the car is spawn, no words show.
  2. even without my own cars, after renting a car, I couldn’t get in the car. My player would try to walk to get in but then would stop…

How does your script show itself with a large online?
Will there be a disorderly appearance of cars?

hey ! Someone help me to add key system whit this script i have cd_garage whit the key system but i don’t know how add the key . thx

I like this script it has been written very well and good car Rental

Good stuff

Wow, just wow! This script not only meets but exceeds expectations. Truly impressive.

Ayy, dem scripts bein’ straight up lit, ya know? Usin’ ‘em and lovin’ ‘em, no doubt! Mad props to da developer for droppin’ such dope tools in da mix, keepin’ it real for all da players out there!

I like the Rental Script Good Script!!!

Very nice and clean Scripts. I know this Scripts from a Friend, and it looks very beautiful.

Modern and optimized!

Nice work!