Cops vs Crims - In a nutshell

I could count on one hand the amount of people that actually RP. I don’t have enough fingers or toes to say how many times I was robbed, shot dead or taken for absolutely no reason sometimes within 10 minutes each time. Every single person is a criminal and if you’re not, you are just a constantly targeted.

Situation: Maze Bank
Me: Depositing Money
Person: Come with me Random guy that runs into the bank didn’t even have a gun out
Me: Why?
Person: Pulls out gun Bang
Me: Dead

There is no story based RP just people trying get as much money as possible to get that Lambo / Ferrari for a cop chase or robbery.

Staff are friendly but make sure you are recording everything. Wouldn’t recommend for those look for solid RP.

Pros: Some decent cars, level headed and helpful staff, alright if you are just wanting rob and get chased by cops.
Cons: The children, lack of RP.


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