Converting maps?

I’m wondering how people convert maps and cars. Is there anywhere I can learn to do these things?

Can you elaborate a bit on the ‘converting’ part? From GTAIV to a usermap? From a usermap to a server resource? Or what?


@0x420 from GTA if to a usermap. Maps that were made from GTA if and converting them to work with fivereborn. To answer ur question.

@EZZA thanks a lot. I googled I but couldnt find shit

@EZZA said in Converting maps?:

@iago From NY to Five in a few steps - the FiveM rage:formats pre-release - Tutorials - GTAForums

didnt work. i have models from drift streets japan and a gta iv modded map i want to convert so i can use it on my server

Edit: with time i think i got it