Controller support in-game

What can I say… Almost everyone likes to play with controller, but on FiveReborn lazy people (like me =P) need to use external programs and configure settings to play with it. It would be cool if you could just go to the settings and switch to the controller while you’re playing online to get a better gaming experience, wouldn’t it?

…? You could always play with a controller without external programs, it just depends on your controller.

Really? I’ve been playing fine with my controller on Single Player… Here it just doesn’t work.

Try holding the left joystick in some position while the Social Club and FiveReborn splash screens appear before the game starts. Works for me.

@NotGigo I’ll try that, we’ll see if it works.
Edit: I just figured out that I didn’t calibrate my gamepad on the “Gamepad” tab in the Settings, that’s why I couldn’t use it :sweat_smile:
Well, discard this idea. Sorry I’m a bit dumb hehe…

Using Xbox One controller and it works just like Single player. I didn’t have to set any additional settings.

I’m using my PS3 controller with SCP Drivers and it works fine for me ;p

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I use my xbox one controller and it work fine…

I Cant Get My Controller To Work

same :slight_smile: (Post at least 20 characters.)

Does this work with JoySticks? (lol a little late XD)

my ps4 controller wont work it works perfect on steam but it wont work at all on fivem

How did you join??? I’m about to rage quit

I have this same issue