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I will be The FIRST!!!

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Very nice. Wish it was a addon! But very awesome!

I was going to release this as an add on, since i converted it, and BradM gave me permission to release it, except i didn’t have the time. rip.

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stop it, get some help

My lights don’t look as bright as the pictures, tried both the ELS systems on the forums, any thoughts what I’m not doing right?

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@Sphereo You need to install a modified visualsettings.dat, http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/13614-better-visuals/ this is what I use.

Install into FiveM Application Data > citizen > common > data


Ah, thank you sir! Much appreciated

is there any way you could make this pack vehicle add-ons, it would make it much easier for users to get the vehicles into FiveM, it would be very appreciated.

If you go into your GTA folder, you can pull the pack apart and create your own scripts. This is what i did to get it working!

I would do addons, But any time I try to do the metas I have huge issues with that, So I decided to stop trying. If I figure it out then I will make non-addon and addon versions for people.

What cars do there replace?

Also check your graphic settings in the esc>settings>graphic look for postfx make sure its high or ultra.

It replaces:

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I copy this pack into our server, but the els lights doesnt work. looks like normal cars. Siren with E, no light stages. So I think i do something wrong ? Someone can help me ?

You need a server sided ELS.

What do you mean server sided els? How would I do that? Currently only one of the cars works and the others don’t. No light patterns at all. Charger works fine though.

Can U make A Non-ELS?

I agree, We need more non-ELS!

@JosVenza and @Revulver
I just converted the vehicles into a resource, not modeling them myself. If I did model them myself I would have no problem with making non-els, however, with not having the zmodeler or photoshop psds I am unable to make non els or at least make the liveries work for non-els.