Console Fivem Spam

This error is spammed on my fivem server console.
I didn’t change any since the last time that i started the server, but it spams it now.
I am so lagged when i enter.

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Those messages are from one or more scripts that aren’t well made which makes your server slow down. You could try to find which script it is by writing “resmon 1” in the ingame console (F8) and then following this guide: [Best practice] Improve your resource performance

How do I close “resmon 1”?

Write “resmon 0”

Thanks! Do you know how I put my server on the server list?

Update artifax, have “sv_master …” commented (have a # in front of it) in the server.cfg, check if you can connect via the F8 console

How? I do not understand what you say

Make sure you are able to join the server via the FiveM F8 menu by writing: “connect [ip:port]”

Make sure “sv_master” has a # in front of it in your server.cfg

Update the server artifax (

How to find ip port?