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I am playing on a roleplaying server and to make it more realistic the server uses the /me command.
I pull out my gun by pressing the number 1 on my keyboard so I’ve attempted to make it so that whenever I pull out the gun it performs “me grabs gun” and whenever I press 1 again to tuck the gun it performs “me tucks gun”.

this is what i’ve come up with:

bind KEYBOARD 1 "toggle grab tuck"
set grab "me grabs glock from behind his shirt."
set tuck "me tucks glock behind his shirt."

but this returns this in the console:
Argument count mismatch (passed 2, wanted 3)

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You could try this:

# command set
seta grab "me grabs glock"
seta tuck "me tucks glock away"

# set an initial command
seta curcmd "vstr grab"

# bind
bind keyboard 1 "vstr curcmd; toggle curcmd \"vstr grab\" \"vstr tuck\""
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@MEHDI_MMO I know you can help him.

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The toggle command requires three arguments, but you’ve only provided two, the correct syntax for the toggle command is:

toggle (variable) (value1) (value2)

something like this:

bind keyboard 1 “toggle gunaction”
set gunaction “grab”
set grab “me grabs glock from behind his shirt.”
set tuck “me tucks glock behind his shirt.”