Connections messing up

Environment questions

GTA V version:
Up to date:
Legit or Pirate copy: Legit
Purchased where - Steam/Rockstar Launcher/Epic: Steam/Epic
Windows version: Windows 10 Home
Did you try to delete content_index.xml and try again?
System specifications: ryzen 7 3700x nvidea 1070 16gb ram
CitizenFX crash zip file (‘Save information’ on a crash): not my issue
logs/CitizenFX_log files:
.dmp files/report IDs:

Important parts

What is the issue you’re having? Originally when I started playing fivem I had GTA through steam, to this day I still use GTA through steam, when the epic games/rockstar collab came out, i also got a epic games account with gta, a friend of mine was originally using GTA off my steam, but it was gameshared. Eventually I just have him the free epic games account, for some reason now, even though he has his OWN steam copy of GTA fivem still detects our discord/ accounts as the same. Is there a way we can fix this? Seeing as, we both now have seperate copies of GTA completely. We even had seperate copies of GTA when I gave the epic account, but i had also played on that once before, so maybe that would lead to a issue there, however with his steam shouldnt be a issue.

What are you trying to do? get this solved

What have you tried already to fix the issue? Yes, tried re-installing fivem, tried disconnecting the discord link with fivem, tried a new account, idk what else to do

Error screenshot (if any):

What did you do to get this issue? originally used a account with a friend, now he has his own and this issue is poping up

What server did you get this issue on? Be specific and name some, ‘all of them’ by itself isn’t useful!
It doesn’t happen on all on them, however some servers use different databases or ways to connect things, right now the issue lies on GLife:Extinction.

Additional comments

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search the forums for “delete digitalentitlements” and tell your friend to do it and log into his social club account.

preciate it dude