Connection rejected by server (FxDK)

I got this error when starting the server.

Connection rejected by server: Unable to find SteamID, please relaunch FiveM with steam open or restart FiveM & Steam if steam is already open

But when I Play FiveM it is working fine.

You do have a Steam web api key set in your server.cfg file, right?

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Don’t add any resources that expect identifiers at this time, or make them capable of handling “fake” identifiers.

Solved the Problem by putting the server config in the blank.cfg in the folder .fxdk/fxserver

One of your scripts tries to use identifiers. however they’re not available on fxdk, a work around would be doing smth like this

function FunctionThatUsesIdentifiers()
    local license
    -- Setting license etc
    -- Since we're on FxDK license is nil so we can go ahead and setup a dummy
    -- if isFxDK is true
    if isFxDK() then
        license = 'license:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' -- Dummy License

    if license == nil then
        -- Our license is not valid, lets kick the user.

function isFxDK()
    return GetConvarInt("sv_fxdkMode", false)


(or if I’m wrong, this above is still a solution for scripts, i’m not really familiar with FiveM just yet.)