Connection rejected by my own server: Unable to find SteamID, please relaunch FiveM with steam open or restart FiveM & Steam if steam is already open. This is a Steam authentication failure, but you are running Steam and it is signed in

someone help me to fix this. I can’t connect to my own server.

I kept on receiving this report from my FXServer.

Open your steam and restart fivem then try to connect!

I already did. but nothing works. I tried restarting my laptop but it didn’t work.

If I’m not wrong you are using the QBCore server. If yes then it’s a connect queue script issue.

It’s another error not related to your connecting issue.

Thank you, I resolved this issue by copying all the content of server.cfg to server.csf file on my FXServer folder.

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Where can i find this server.cfg and server csf thing