Connect to RedM via a link

What is the equivalent to a redm connect link? I already use “fivem://connect/IP:PORT” for fivem but “redm://connect/IP:PORT” doesn’t work for redm, any ideas?

No such thing yet, this will likely be shared across games in the future based on and a new “web helper” extension/tool.


I’m using my private domain name which links to our IP adress and port, for ex.

If you would like to know how to do this, let me know and I’ll share it here

Please do, I haven’t been able to find out how to link a subdomain to an IP and Port at the same time

I’d love help setting up sub domains for the server, I personally use GoDaddy, do you know how to do it with them as a provider?

Can you share that here by chance?

Could you share this please?

He never got back to me

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He never got back to me, I’m still waiting for a response

Can you share it please ?

Still no answer.

If you’re using the default FiveM/RedM port you should be able to just create an ‘A’ record in your domain DNS settings, which redirects all incoming connections from your (sub)domain to your server IP.

In this case, the ‘name’ should be your (sub)domain, for ex.
Your value would be your server IP (without port).

This should work if you’re not hosting anything else on your RedM server (for ex. a website).