Confusion with mode folder directory

I had the Citizen version of the server some time ago. I looked up the essential mode, where the folder was supposed to be. And it was in the root directory of resources. But then there’s the [gamemodes] folder too. So I’m a little confused as to where the modes folder with all the scripts, mods, textures, skins and everything that has to do with it has to be. Is it the root directory of resources? You just make a folder for the whole mode in resources and put everything in there, right?

Hello Virsenas, to help you out a bit. Make a folder name it anything you wish. for this example I will name it costume cars for cars addon, then inside that costumecars folder make a file called __resource.lua and a folder called stream. Stream is where you put all of your costume cars in. Do this the same way for skins.

They go in the resources folder. Im sure if you read the resources you wish to use they will have a installation tutorial.

I see you mentioned essential mode so here is the resource topic, with a installation tutorial.

FYI, your “some time ago” is more than likely outdated. If you have never used the FX server before then i recommend the wiki.

@John_White Thank you for your response. But I think you did not understand my question correctly.

@AspireHD Thank you for responding. I’m not talking about the resources that I’m going to use, but the mode that I’m going to be creating and the things that I will be using specifically for that mode. I just needed a simple answer, if I could create a folder in the resource directory specifically for one mode and put all things that is going to be used by that mode right into that one folder. I looked at the essential mode because I just wanted to understand what goes where. I am not going to use the essential mode. I’m going to create my own mode. I just need to understand the structure of the server directories. I can launch the FXServer and I’m also not new to scripting (I had some experience while working with a scripting language similar to C syntax).

EDIT: Seems I finally understood how manage the directories for the gamemode.