Community Update - Period 4 Community Update: 4th Edition

Welcome to the 4th weekly update for the community, spanning FiveM, RedM, and overall updates.

This post is written by a group of community members for the community and serves as a way to update you on the latest happenings within FiveM and RedM, which we all love so much.

Weekly Summary

Here is a list of the most important news and updates from the past week.

  • OneSync Improvements
  • Watermark Changes v2

OneSync Improvements

Several changes have been made to OneSync to optimize server performance, fix bugs related to mumble, and a few new natives which will help developers integrate their resources with OneSync.

Watermark Changes v2 :mascot:

The watermark has been adjusted again, this time to be less intrusive. The emoji will now display in whatever corner the watermark is in, and we’ve also reduced the opacity of the watermark so it’s easier on the eyes.

Technical Notes

For you technical geeks, we’ve also added a list of the most important technical changes.

  • Build Docs Update: @sgottelk revamped the build docs to help with common issues with building the repo.
  • OneSync Improvements: An improvement submitted by @DefCon42 has optimized the iteration of entities in the server main thread, which has drastically reduced the amount of iterations from 65,000 iterations per client to only iterating over valid entities [bdaee943].
  • Scope Events for Big Mode: playerEnteredScope/playerLeftScope has now been implemented for Big Mode. You can use these events to detect when a player has entered/left another player’s scope [4eeaf3ee].
  • Project Clean-ups: clean-ups have been made to removing unneeded files from the repository and distributables.
  • GetPlayerMeleeWeaponDamageModifier: @Vinipux322 has added a new native which allows you to get the current player’s melee weapon damage modifier.
  • GetVehiclePedIsIn (OneSync): Quattro20V has implemented a way to get the vehicle a ped is in server-sided via OneSync [0119e42d].
Git Shortlog

Defcon42 (8):

  • [bdaee943] [OneSync] Change main thread loop entity iteration logic
  • [7a7cf8dd] fix a stupid typo that potentially left dangling shared ptr refs
  • [811d5fbf] add xenium as dependency
  • [1f3100e0] create LRWeakPtr.h - left/right weak_ptr allowing for…
  • [64548c57] uh - add xenium but actually this time?
  • [6979ffe0] move ServerGameState to new LRWeakPtr implementation
  • [5661ec31] Update LRWeakPtr.h
  • [73e32e39] (!) fix: nullptr check to fix client entity iteration

Mindaugas Varaska (1):

Mooshe (2):

  • [06aaccbd] Adjust position of emoji on left-side of screen; Adjust alpha channel of text
  • [25706404] Don’t set brandingName until it should draw

Sebastian Gładki (3):

TypeR (2):

  • [a3e2cc83] Add GET_VEHICLE_PED_IS_IN declaration
  • [26d3b58b] GET_VEHICLE_PED_IS_IN fixed file name extension

Vinipux322 (2):

  • [693a81a0] Create

balika011 (1):

sgottelk (3):

  • [3cb43f44] Add more detailed build instructions
  • [8597cb08] add instructions on how to get uwp
  • [0241ddfc] Prefer SymbolicLink in

zirconium (35):

  • [3a096bed] tweak: refactor CFX natives to be built from ext/native-decls/
  • [1eb54890] fix: add missing cd to linux build
  • [7121e7b9] feature: add inline code event documentation and event-doc-gen tool
  • [4c2ea591] fix: make changes to event build again
  • [99850dbe] tweak: cfx-ui: placeholder mods page
  • [ee208ef8] tweak: update msgpack-c submodule
  • [4eeaf3ee] feature: playerEnteredScope/playerLeftScope server events for bigmode scopes
  • [974d4565] tweak: add .clang-format file
  • [c94a4553] tweak: example of formatting two arbitrary files with our clang-format ruleset
  • [7c4fc5bf] feature: filter for strlist, icons there as well
  • [59d32461] tweak: server: switch CallbackList backing queue library
  • [09b873c0] tweak: server: getConfiguration using rapidjson instead of nlohmann::json to serialize
  • [3acd0516] tweak: remove unneeded files from Linux server build
  • [792027a9] tweak: remove useless Mono ‘facade’ dlls from server_windows
  • [f7364199] tweak: clean up Windows server build output
  • [1c8d7930] fix: fix server build by adding concurrentqueue lib so it doesn’t ignore citizen:server:impl
  • [b877ee50] fix: server: add to resourceStreamFiles, not resourceFiles; also response cutoff
  • [e3d05a0c] fix: dynamically resize return value array for refs if above 32k in Lua/V8 ScRTs
  • [e569d9f3] update txAdmin submodule to v2.4.2
  • [f0fac3cc] fix: resolve crash in RCDv2 when an asset fails downloading multiple times
  • [b244fb98] fix: server: actually make svSync thread work
  • [477a3f6a] fix: streaming: .ymf don’t spew confusing logs, fix double-registration issue
  • [d631d7b8] fix: make appveyor yaml work again
  • [06697936] fix: appveyor yml needs node x64
  • [e132166b] tweak: add linux to appveyor yml
  • [c1ec2775] fix: remove misguided fi in appveyor.yml
  • [3e701c4a] Revert “fix: net: instantly disconnect enet peer when resetting netlib”
  • [ffa7efbb] tweak: enable docker in appveyor.yml
  • [5e77cd92] tweak: display loader snaps during ‘failed to load component’ errors
  • [c6246f61] fix: add DisableToolHelpScope around component loader hooks
  • [9d1eb2cf] empty commit to force rebuild
  • [8ae91f6c] empty commit to force rebuild #2
  • [e8fa8d42] fix: remove initial trace from FileMapping
  • [00f835fa] fix: build old fivem-private for the time being

Community Spotlight

Without the community, both FiveM and RedM would not exist. Therefore, we want to highlight some positive and influential members as well as some cool new #development:releases and #fivem-snapmatic

Community core project improvements

We have a wonderful community who love to help us improving both FiveM and RedM, so here’s a little summary about what these lovely people made this week!


  • We’ve received a lot of new updates to the documentation available for FiveM! This includes events, natives, and features available in FiveM. If you’d like to help out with documentation, head on over to the FiveM Docs page and you can contribute either by opening up an issue, or editing the page!


  • The lovely @key_value has been doing an amazing job on research into RDR2, and have been contributing their findings in the public Project Hub Discord, in the #redm-investigations channel.

Release of the Week

The releases we’re focusing on this week are related to the Diamond Casino!

The first release in our community spotlight is from @utkuali - They released a pretty amazing resource which allows you to add a hacking mini-game to your server. Put this between a bank vault and a door, and you got yourself a recipe for one cool hacker mini-game! :computer:

The next release is from @Xinerki - They’ve implemented the blackjack minigame from the Diamond Casino in a very flawless manner! Take a seat, pour yourself a drink, and get ready to gamble the night away! :spades: :heart: :diamonds: :clubs:

Snap of the Week

We’re always pleased to see the snaps you guys send using FiveM Snapmatic, here’s the two we picked this week!

Careful when travelling through the state at night! :night_with_stars:
@overlordkxne is here to show us that there are killer rides, and even killer-er drivers going around! :hocho:

Meanwhile, @BrendenFate is here to show us that the greatest rivalry in car racing has made its way to San Andreas! :racing_car:
I wonder who the winner will be this time. :open_mouth:

As a little addendum, we’ve noticed more and more of you are using Snapmatic lately. That’s great!
Just keep in mind that if you want to try making it into the community spotlight, we won’t be picking any snaps that may contain server advertisement, be it in the title, content or background of the image. :mascot:

Got suggestions or feedback for the Community Update? Let us know :snail:


Thank you guys!

Loving the fact that y’all keep the community updates coming, they’re great (:

Glad to see these weekly updates still alive.

I’d like to point out a little thing which you must have misunderstood about the snapmatic board. I’ve made a competition for my members so they need to use ‘CIT - title’ when uploading their snaps so I can recognize them and reward the best snapmatic of the week with VIP hours. but it’s just sad that you’ve seen this as an advertisement and refused to choose any of them.

EDIT: also, how can we keep doing this in the future? we need to keep the tag to know the whether the winners belong to our community or not and somehow that goes against your rules to pick the winner so both way won’t work.

How about having your community members link their forums profile on your Discord? That way you know who they are if they eventually get picked.

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FiveM updates coming in hot-hot-hot-hot-hot! :fire:

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Keep up the good work as usual!

What’s big mode?

There reports are a big thing for us developers, it’s been more than a pleasure being here with you guys.

Is there anywhere to see all events like this? I mean somewhere like

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