[COMMUNITY IDEA] Anyone interested in a firefighter based UK roleplay community?

Hello there,

I am looking into the idea of creating a new British fire service roleplay community however, before I start spending time and money on this, I wanted to do some market research first and see if there are people from the FiveM community that would be interested in joining. This would be a whitelisted community similar to London’s Calling, West London Roleplay Community, etc. That means set patrol days and times, realistic training, interviews, applications, etc.

The general idea would be to focus entirely on the fire service rather than most other community where it is heavily focused on the police with fire and ambulance getting very little attention. I am a serving member of my local fire and rescue service so have a wealth of real life training, experience and guidance to bring into the game, incredibly similar to the real world. The server would be focus on a fictional fire service to prevent people picking up on every little mistake in skins etc, but would still be an incredibly realistic fleet based probably off my local service as that is what I know best.

I would be looking for roughly 4 to 5 people to join as firefighters and become a member of the community upon its release so please, if you are interested in joining, please send me a message and we can discuss more details. This isn’t going to be cheap so I am not starting any development until I have a solid and trustworthy member base.

Please message me if your interested, what more information, or anything useful to add.

Thanks for reading!

Is there anyone interested in this or is serious firefighter roleplay not something that people are interested in?


A month and no response… This is exactly why we don’t have an LFB in our city. Nobody wants it :confused:

It’s a shame because there can be some genuinely decent Roleplay in the fire service but people aren’t interested

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I would be Happy to open a British FiveM server, If you are able to fund it, I am a EXPERIENCED Developer in FiveM, From Permissions To Adding EUP Lmk If your intrested!