Commands Not Working

I’ve searched the forums and have come up with nothing in regards to my problem.

For my server, I have created a new folder in the resources folder for spawning a vehicle and teleporting to coordinates. I have copied the code directly from the wiki to simply test the commands. I’ve set up the client, server, and resource file. I have also added the folder name into the citmp-server.yml for autostart.

When I launch the server, I see in the log that the resource has been started. However, when I go in game, the commands do not work.

If anybody could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.



@jwbjnwolf I’d really like to know if there’s anyway you can find information on specifically what I need to add. I have this issue myself and its driving me insane. I have very little knowledge on scripting.

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@jwbjnwolf said in Commands Not Working:

The chat.lua resource needs to be edited to support commands. I am not sure what it is that you edit in here but it’s a quick fix simply that enables recognising /commands in the chat which isn’t enabled by default.

Sigh I just realized that. On the wiki I guess I didn’t scroll down enough to see the part where you need to edit the chat_client.lua file in the basic scripting section. Everything works as it should now.


Thanks for the response nonetheless.

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@Briglair Can you give me a link kind sir?

@TheBeastFeast The wiki is here:

Once there, on the right side, you’ll see a few tabs under the search box. Click on “Guides”. Then click on “Basic Scripting”. Information will pop up for you on the left.


Error on the link: . For a popular mod, there is a lot of error links.

I have this problem when I try to get in to a sever I get suck on the sever loading screen. I have uninstalled five m multiple times.

Can anyone help me.

5 year old topic.