CoLSRP | City of Los Santos RP | | Custom CAD/MDT | Hiring All Positions

City of Los Santos RP

Hello, and welcome to the City of Los Santos RP FiveM role-play community.

Some basic information to get started Departments and Sub-Divisions Applications

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns we encourage you to contact us via Discord (listed below)

**Discord Interview Server :

Features of CoLSRP:
Main Server
Custom CAD/MDT
Trained Staff
XBR410 LEO Vehicles
XBR410 Fire Vehicles
Custom Peds (EUP)
Chain Of Command
Menu Based
Development team
3 Departments
Realistic Roleplay

Civilian Department (Hiring)
San Andreas Highway Patrol (Hiring)
Los Santos Fire Department (Hiring)

Best Server to Roleplay on! Great Tech!