Codewalker Cargen Help -- I'm probably an idiot

I’ve been trying for the better part of a week to get parked vehicles to spawn at specific locations so new players can have something to drive almost immediately.

I’ve tried BootVehicles but the only way that works is if I manually run the command after I log in. It wont run the command when the first player logs in the server.

So I decided to give CodeWalker a try.

I’ve created my ymap. Added a few Car Generator elements to the ymap. Saved/exported it. Streamed it to my CFX server… And still NOTHING.

I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong but I can’t get cars to spawn without a specific admin interaction.

Now, some cars, in some places do spawn, and that’s awesome, but I want to add a few more.

Any hints on what the hell it is I’m missing?

My first guess is something wrong with spawner flags or properties. I’m not too familiar with CarGenerator stuff though.
Now if you cant get it to work, drop the idea completely and hook an event into playerJoining (or your framework’s equivalent of that) to spawn vehicles when the first player connects. This way it’s significantly more expandable and you can add different checks to have the vehicles spawn under different conditions etc

Hey I could be wrong but you could use esx_vehicleRent and just the set the money to 0 in the config

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You’re a genius! Thank you!

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