Code Blue RP | vMenu | Looking for all members | Streamer friendly | looking for members to fill ranks

Hey, im Ryan the found of code blue rp. Are you looking for a new server to play and you dont feel like going through the Hassel of gaining money to make a living? Well come check out Code Blue RP we are a server looking for members to fill departments and staff team. We are also a vMenu based server and we offer a lot of opportunity’s for our members. Code Blue Roleplay is a vMenu-based server and is also based in San Andreas. Our main focus is to bring your roleplay ideas and dreams to a reality, we offer plenty of stuff to help that happen.**

What We Have To Offer:
► Streamer Friendly Community
► Player Owned Businesses
► Custom Scripts / Vehicles / Clothing
► Mature Owned / Mature Staff Team
► Active Law Enforcement
► Active Staff & Development
► Web-Based CAD-MDT
► Much More!

► Staff Team
► Senora Valley Police Department
► Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
► San Andreas State Trooper
► San Andreas Fire Rescue
► And More To Come!!!

We are currently looking for people to fill up departments and bring some great RP around.

►Join here —>
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This is a great server. The staff and owners are nice and they have a cool base and how things operate id recommend this server :100:

SAST Coming in hot with the new vehicles.

CBRP hiring join us today!!

LSPD Getting into some conflict outside of Sandy Shores clinic

Something isnt right… Ohhhhh your not in our discord. Join today

The local Blaine County Motorcycle club looking nice today.

Join Code Blue RP Today!!!

San Andreas Fire Rescue looking squeaky clean today…

Are you interested in being a cop or a fire fighter well look no further. Join today

Is that batman? No… Its the Sandy Saviors

Join today to see the Sandy Saviors in action :slight_smile:

Beautiful sunset tonight in Sandy Shores

Join today for amazing sunset

LSPD getting them angels in…

come join lspd today :slight_smile:

LSPD getting active with MSU

You interested in patrolling the waters of San Andreas? Join LSPD Today

Crack Head Activity ;/

Are you interested in doing crack head activity or just any activity in general? Well look no further you can do it here at CBRP :slight_smile: