⭐ Cloude RP - [CUSTOM FRAMEWORK] [NOT ESX RENAMED] Casino, Enhanced Warehouse RobberiesLive Anywhere, Custom Vehicles, Custom Crafting, Racing/Car meets, Custom Drug's, Actively Developed, Growing Community, Serious RP, Friendly Server

Cloude is a roleplay server built on a completely custom framework, and a community filled with friendly and inviting people.

One of our biggest priorities as a community is to ensure that all members enjoy high quality roleplay.

Cloude RP Website https://cloude.city

Connect cloude.city

Main Features:

The server is constantly evolving with new custom content and updates.

Some of our main features include:

  • Active Staff and Community

  • Custom Housing Interiors

  • Realistic Economy with Reasonable Prices (USD Based)

  • Anti-Cheat Software

  • Detailed Drug System

  • Many Ways to Earn Money

  • Realistic Vehicle Handling

  • Highly Organized Whitelist

  • Custom Clothing and Uniforms

  • Fully Customizable Vehicles & Financing Options

  • Purchasable Aircrafts

  • Multiple Character Slots

  • Custom Framework

  • Unique Fishing System

  • Custom Jobs

  • Custom Phone

  • In-Depth Inventory System

  • Create Racetracks and Host Races

Whitelist Jobs:

  • Gangs

  • Dynasty 8

  • Weazel News

  • Vanilla Unicorn

  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport (Car Dealer)

  • Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)

  • Emergency Medical Services & Fire (EMS/Fire Services)

  • San Andreas Public Defender’s Office (Lawyers)

  • Los Santos Transportation Department (Taxi / Uber / Limo / Local Bus Driver) (Coming Soon)

  • Benny’s Motorworks & Customs (Mechanics / Vehicle Modifications)

Passive Jobs:

  • Miner

  • Taco Delivery Driver

  • Tow Truck Driver

  • Deliverer

  • Garbage Man

  • GoPostal

  • Truck Driver

  • Oxy Run

  • Vehicle Scrapping

  • Fishing

As we progress into 2022, one of our main goals is to of course get up to a moderate amount of active players at all times. Another goal of ours is to continue development & bring custom and unique features to our community.

Some other goals include:

  • Revised businesses that allow full interaction

  • Revised looting system

  • Revised inventory/crafting system

  • Revised player abilities and attribute/leveling system

  • An improved drug system with never before seen drugs

  • Pets

  • Expanding our community

Cloude was started by passionate FiveM developers and players who wanted to build a unique roleplay experience. The team consists of moderators, administrators, and developers with professional programming and graphic design backgrounds.

Check out our Discord, where you can find our server information, rules, and “How to Play” guide which should make it easy to get started in Cloude RP.


wow <3

Love the city nice ppl and love the diversity that we can do in it you should come take a look yourself

Awesome city to be apart off, hope some of you all come over to say hi to us all, and just wanna thank the dev’s and owner for putting together a great city and i love everything you can do.


This is a great city with great people! There has been a lot of cool changes lately and everybody should try it out!

Very well developed server, with great staff and community.

Super friendly and inviting community. Highly recommend giving it a shot!

This server is sick!


Thank you all, we will keep updating and adding more nice stuff to make this place more unique :slight_smile: .

Guy’s new updates weekly and a load more new content in the works come see what we have got in mind for you

Love this server

Good server, Ran by good people. Look forward to putting in a few hours.

In the server if you are a new person most people will help you show you around show you what button does what and may even give you some tips about good money at the beginning plus great admin team and owner

come visit


Amazing server, Friendly staff and loads of things to do

thanks for all the love boys, new amazing updates coming soon also. :slight_smile:

Im having so much fun on this server. Tons to do

glad to know that, thats our goal to let everyone have fun :slight_smile:

The server is starting to get populated we got like 7 ppl in at the moment and we got cops on duty mechanic and pdm so come visit us