CloneDebug crashes

Env: Canary, Onesync, 1436, Artifact 4478
CloneDebug.cpp sometimes crashing client even when all debug stuff its disabled

I dont have dump if its needed :slightly_frowning_face:

CloneDebug is a very old file name. This file contains not only debug things but also very important logic for OneSync. One of this logic is sync tree traversal, this is where it got crashed for whatever reason. It seems some data was corrupted. Without a dump it canโ€™t be analyzed.

Iโ€™ve got one here, this happens too randomly for me to even attempt to try a replication; IE from me spawning into the server OR even just using the InvokeNative for ResurrectPed.

Hopefully this might provide some type of help? I honestly have no idea if the above causes the issue but better to provide something than nothing. (2.0 MB)

(Just realised posted in an old thread, my bad)