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Welcome to Classified RP

A new and custom and immersive roleplay server made for role-players by role-players. We offer you top of the line roleplay to our unique and custom scripts to our new player friendly staff. We can promise you will never get board as we update CRP daily adding new and exciting content. If you like what you are reading so far you can join our discord server for more information,

We took our time to build and customize your roleplay experince for the highest quality roleplay you can find. We offer a immersive and one of a kind roleplay experince you can not find any where else. From our highly trained LEO to business owners Classified Roleplay is the best option when it comes to quality roleplay.

It’s all about the stories and experiences your character encounters. With dedicated developers for our custom content we make sure you got the right tools to enhance your story. When developing for the server our goal is to provide equal content for all kinds of roleplay. We try to achieve this to help create more dynamics between a more versatile player and character base.

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Chiefs Employees Status
Not hiring LSPD No 0 Closed
Hiring Sheriff’s Office Yes 5 Open - Looking for supervisors
Not hiring State Troopers No 0 Closed
Not hiring Fire Rescue/EMS No 0 Closed

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