City redirecting and it only happens with a specific city

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Hello gentlemen,
I have a problem here and I would like someone to help me, please
Well, I try to connect in a city and it is being redirected to another, the VPS has already been checked, I have already cleaned all the cache memory, reset the computer from scratch, formatted it, but it does not solve it, I will be leaving a video here, if you can help me, thank you much.
The city when i want to connect, is Unicorn City, but the city when the fivem try to connect is Orion City
i’m moderator in the unicorn, i want to enter :frowning:
I think the problem must be between FiveM, GTA and Discord



Olá, senhores,
Estou com um problema aqui e gostaria que alguém me ajudasse, por favor
Bom, eu tento conectar em uma cidade e está sendo redirecionado para outra, o VPS já foi verificado, já limpei toda a memória cache, resetei o computador do zero, formatei, mas não resolve, eu estarei deixando um video aqui, se puder me ajudar, muito obrigado.
A cidade onde quero me conectar é Unicorn City, mas a cidade quando os cinco tentam se conectar é Orion City
sou moderador no unicórnio, quero entrar :franzindo a testa:
Acho que o problema deve estar entre FiveM, GTA e Discord


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Sounds more like a server side issue. the end of the video also states this.

Contact them and see if they can help you.

I contacted them, but not even they can tell me for sure what happened, everything has already been checked, the server key, but nothing worked

Hey, so from the error message, I don’t speak what ever language that is, not to offend you, i think its spanish, but from the looks, it looks like you have gotten a discord error message, Maybe from Guardian, released by Jordan.

However what mainly sparked my attention is that it is asking for steam verification, which most likely means you need to have steam open to join that server, there are a few things you can do to attempt to resolve this.

  1. Close FiveM

  2. Go to User Settings > Connections > FIveM and remove the FiveM Connection from discord.

  3. Close Discord & Steam

  4. Open Discord & Steam

  5. Open FiveM.

If that has not worked, then it is a server sided issue, the owners/developers of the community are using a script that requires steam authentication, but have not provided a steam authentication API Key.

You can find/register a steam API at – Register a Steam API Key – however, you must be logged in to register one.

You can also find the reference within this server config, another issue is that the VPS could be hosted off of a non-authorized service provider. The only service provider that i know that is authorized is Zap Hosting >

Get back to me if you sorted out this issue.

I’m having the same error :frowning: Tomorrow I’ll call my ISP and try to change the route and IP to see if that could be it.

Oh and yes, I’m Brazilian, thanks for trying to help me, anything tomorrow I’ll get back to you but anyway thank you very much <3

Hello guys, att 4 my problem, i try to enter in a other city and for the build (2189)
really the problem it’s on fivem :confused:
have anyone way for unbind my FiveM from this server? Delete my historic from this server (Orion City)

And i changed my IP but dont work

I tryed to exitlag for vpn but dont worked

now I’m sure the problem is only in fivem, how can I clear all FiveM history? from the start