City Of Detroit RP| Realistic Role-Play | | $200k Starting Money | ESX

I would like to welcome you all to join City Of Detroit RP.

CODRP is a role-play server geared more towards real-life and semi-based on Detroit MI. This server was made to bring the feel of Detroit to FiveM from someone who was actually born and raised in Detroit. We expect good and fair role-play from everyone that enters our server. Please take your time when reading the rules and get familiar with the laws of the city.

Rules are enforced and the server is monitored. Anyone that joins or enters the server must follow the rules. This also applies to the owner and staff, with no exceptions.

Direct To Rules: City Of Detroit RP - Rules
Discord: City Of Detroit RP Server (#codrp-start-here is where you find the server link( City Of Detroit RP | Realistic Role-Play | | $200k Starting Money / )

You must fill out a whitelist application to get a whitelisted job and make sure you put effort into it or it will be deleted. Applications are to make sure you understand role-play.

Whitelisted Jobs Includes: Governor/Judge/Police/EMS/Lawyer/Bounty Hunter/ Mechanic/Driving Instructor

Fun Stuff: We have a working Casino, Paintball, Shooting range, Car Meets, Giveaways, Hunts, and more

There are a number of un-whitelisted jobs, there is a list and videos on how they work in the discord.

Some random fun short videos________________

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Come check out the server -----

To get access to the channels in discord type in “I AM NOT A BOT” in #getaccess channel. This is to keep recent spam bots out

Join this week and get 2 free starter cars and an extra $300,000 bonus in-game cash. You must join and confirm you are not a bot on discord. Have fun!

Discord: City Of Detroit RP Server

A great server come and check it out and don’t forget to join the discord City Of Detroit RP Server