City Of Angels RP | VMENU | FivePD | Need Staff Members | Need Department Command | Custom Scripts and MLOs

City Of Angels Roleplay

We are a new FiveM community
that are looking for new players to help
us make this place a home!
We are in search of active civilians
and people to join our staff team!!

We offer a few departments and some
things to make your roleplay experience great!

  • San Andreas State Police (need command)
    -Blaine County Sheriffs (need command and Head)
  • Los Santos Police (need command)
  • and Federal Departments coming soon!

We offer a few scripts and addons!

  • Custom LEO Packs and EUP!

  • Custom MLOs for civs and LEO!

  • Staff Panel for our amazing staff team

  • Custom Cad System

We hope to see you guys there!

bump! Need a new BCSO Sheriff. All departments and staff hiring! Need active folks

Sheriff Position Filled. Looking for a possible community manager to assist in server growth,
Need regular staff members aswell.

bump. Still looking for a possible person to fullfill a community manager position. Join the discord and ping Jay. All departments hiring. need active players. Reward system and giveaways coming soon

bump. Still need active players. All departments hiring. Apply VIA our website. Join the discord for possible command positions.