Citizens FX Fatal Error

Hello FiveReborn Developers:

I got a Error when i tried to install FiveReborn!
I downloaded the FiveReborn Clientfiles and then i extracted it into the FiveReborn folder!
After some Minutes it asked me the place where i installed my Gta 5 Game!
Then after this i got a Error that tells me the following things:

alt text

I tried to reinstall the Client but everytime it keeps showing me the same Errors on the Screen!
If you got any Idea how to fix this it would be nice if we can talk about this!
Just write me a Message so i can get it fixed for my Game!

And one more thing:

Not even reinstalling Gta 5 helped!
So it would be cool if you can figure out how to solve this Problem!

Please use this format to post your error.
Did you read the F.A.Q?