CitizenGame.dll error

hi, i have problems when i try to lunch FiveReborn
Gta v version >
the game is up to date
legit game
gta cd version
windows 8.1



![gtav folder] (


![FiveReborn folder] (


![CitizenFX] (

i hope someone can help me with this so i can play :slight_smile:

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@Tusticles i already have all the visual c++ and i
have tried to reinstall them and the fivereborn but nothing works.

Remove the (1) form five reborn.exe
It may cause the DLL not finding the program.

@EPPS okey going to try that later

@EPPS it didn’t work

Your VCREDIST isn’t correctly installed. You might need to re-install FiveReborn after your verified your VCREDIST installation.

@Boss i have already tried that and it didn’t work

Check for windows updates, your windows is probably broken.

@Boss i have checked for updates and don’t find any

Update to Win 10?

Your Windows is broken, since VCREDIST isn’t installing properly.

@letteranton check windows update settings in control panel if the settings are good and
still not finding updates check in the services.msc controls look for windows update and see
if it was on automatic and started. And vcredist 2015 x64 or maybe x86 both are needed.