Check plate and Run Names HELP

Wondering if anyone has scripts to check plate and run names with /plate and /run.
I would like the one that just gives random things such as warents, tickets, etc.
Please PM me if anyone has anything as its the last thing i need.

You can use this as example

i was trying but i cannot get the plate check to work. i tried typing /plate and stuff but no commands worked. I just really want the plate check.

Maybe can you explain more stuff about this issue ?

Are you able to make a script only for the check plate.
I just want the check plate.

Sorry, I won’t do that.
Why don’t try yourself with some example ?

If you want something, do it yourself. Nobody is going to write stuff for you, because you don’t want to or don’t know how. Unless you pay someone…

is there a way to use your police script for only the check plate. Like can i make it so the other stuff doesnt work but the check plate does?

sure you can, see config file

I am in the config file, and i left all false accept check plate.
I dont want to use a database though, as i want just anyone to be able to use /plate or is this not possible with your script?

Just modify a bit the script to disable taking service and create a command

I am not scripter.

/plate (number) have game return —> Registration: Valid/unvalid (valid75%) (unvalid 25%) Stolen: Clear/stolen (Clear 90%) (stolen 10%)

Not global chat

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