Check does entity exists

How can I check does entity exists by coords with radius?

You want to know if a specific entity is within a specific radius of some coords?

Vdist() or Vdist2() will be perfect for that.

Yep that’s what I wanted to do. But natives that you’ve provided need 2 xyz. I need something that will check by 1 xyz and radius.

One of those coordinates should be your target coordinates (the one you want to check distance from). Then the others should be the coordinates of your entity, so like this:

local ped = PlayerPedId()
local radius = 50.0
local entityCoords = GetEntityCoords(ped, true)
local distance = Vdist(<some target coords here>, entityCoords)

if distance <= radius then
    -- entity is within the radius
    -- entity is outside the radius