Character identifier states that my character is already active

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Oшибка (Error)

[md]# Disconnected by server
Character identifier ‘char1:88cda7151111ce78f12570e25a0b8d0ebb599524’ is already active.

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Crash signature: GTA5_b2699.exe+912E15
Report ID: si-4a0cabeda23d402fab8872cfd31902ad
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I’m getting the same thing, is there anything that you tried that has worked?

im getting the same error. i didnt share my rockstar acc to anyone + i also try changing password just to be sure.

i found reason its your ox_inventory . just search aleady active in ox_inventory and - - it

?? Can you explain better? @MasterYi

its in your ox_inventory find already active and explanatory note it

Where can i find ox_inventory?

did you figure it out