Changing rotating lightbars to led

Hi, i wanna utilise the Police old and Policeold2 spaces but when i add vehicles to them the lights are still rotating so im wondering if there is a way to change them so they use LED or the same as all the other police cars!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You need to change the Siren Setting in your carvariations.meta.

Thanks! Do you know which siren number to put down?

1 is the most common for most police vehicles.

you would need to check the carcols to see which one you would like to use but they vary but most cars come with set metas to use to make it work properly

for ex like policeold2 and change that to a crown vic and it will most likely need 1 settings if it requires a special carcols u can add specific siren settings like 22 and use that