Changing carvariations.meta has no effect?


On my fivem server, changing the carvariations.meta does not seem to have an effect on my addon vehicles.

Changing values in both vehicles.meta and handling.meta are reflected immediately without issue.

From my understanding carvariations.meta is used to control the default possible colors of the cars when they spawn. I have a Mclaren F1 that always spawns blue. There are several other colors configured in carvariations but it always spawns blue. I also removed all but one set of color and set it to “89” (race yellow), still blue.

Anybody have any idea what is causing this behavior? It would make my day to find out how to make it so that this car only ever spawns in lime green.

Fyi i can still successfully paint the car via trainer.


For carvariation and vehicles metas you have to rejoin fivem to see effect