Change time of day

I am looking for daytime script… nothing is working on client side, and i cant figure it out server side.
I cant see where i am driving when i am in night mode, while its daytime in real life.
I dont want plugins i want the C# code.

Many thanks in advance.

Because i want to integrate it to my project.
Thanks but no thanks…

Then take a look at vMenu, which has it implemented in c#

This is LUA… i already tried to convert the code to C# but it is not working and only half of it has the same C# reference or something simular…10% is not yet availeble in C#.

What… if anything, c# has more things you can do. The natives are all available in both c# and lua. And c# even has classes to make things easier.

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Thanks i am checking it out now.

OK… my comment is based on work i did half year ago… some Native libraries have dissappeared and or updated i see. just got back to work some more on this project of mine.

Exactly what i was looking for thanks! great work BTW!! much appreciated!

I found a smaller solution.
This works Client side, the code speaks for it self… for the Noobs, this is written in C# come over and learn how code :slight_smile:
There is nothing special or magical about it, any one can learn it…
Dont let others hold you back… :slight_smile:
you can learn how to code in 30 minutes on youtube… In the search type “Hello World” followed by the code langauge u want to learn.
Example… “Hello World Android.”
That beeing said… i do want to thank @Vespura again for the open source, and his work because i found allot of interesting code that i can learn from.

int clockHours = GetClockHours();
int clockMinutes = GetClockMinutes();
if (clockHours >= 6 && clockMinutes >= 40)
//SetClockTime(12, 00, 00); does not work.
NetworkOverrideClockTime(6, 30, 00);


how can i disable time and weather sync without the other players having their time and weather options taken out?? in vmenu??

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