Change mod map position?

Hello all!
I am acctually trying to add a mod map to theoriginal Los Santos map.
I have the map into the works aswell, but it’s misplaced. I tried to edit the mapname.json to place the map anywhere else, the map model move aswell but the collision keep at the original place.
How can i move the collision .ybn file in the same time as the model itself?
Anything else: I used the gta5.meta and images.meta from GTA5/Comon.rpf/data/level/gta5. The map spawn aswell but i have some textures issues, like showing sometimes good texture, sometimes bad texture or the bumpmap color. Is there a better gta5.meta to use?

here are some screenshots:
the .json, the selected lines are the one i edited.

the texture bug on the original map:

the map spawned into world, that i edited placment but collision is at original spawn point:

If i solve these two problems i can share the resource folder in release and make a [How-To] topic :wink:
About the add-on canyon map tutorial and share i wait for Scripthook update! I need it to make this.

I have the Same problem and i am not able to figure it out i have been trying for hours, i have gotten to the point where i can move the map, but the hitboxes stay in the original spot causing you to fall through the new map location

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Hello !! How did you stream the Default map with Okutama map?? Any hints??

the answer is in the first post already. and it’s glitchy AF as you can see also on first post pictures.

how did u add default map ?

added image.meta and gta5.meta from common/data/levels/gta5 to my map folder.

Hello, tell me from where have you downloaded the MAP or send me the link, i want to try it myself, or if you wish we can change ideas over Discord.

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Please look at the date.