Change location for stations and garages fivecops = Help

local takingService = {
{x=457.956909179688, y=-992.72314453125, z=30.6895866394043},
{x=1856.91320800781, y=3689.50073242188, z=34.2670783996582},
{x=-450.063201904297, y=6016.5751953125, z=31.7163734436035}

local stationGarage = {
{x=452.115966796875, y=-1018.10681152344, z=28.4786586761475},
{x=452.115966796875, y=-1018.10681152344, z=28.4786586761475},
{x=452.115966796875, y=-1018.10681152344, z=28.4786586761475}

Dont work , can anybody help me

Do you have all the code cause we can’t help you with just that

I’ll send the scripts to you here.

See these files in the cops folder


The problem is in them, even if I activate other stations, only the marking appears the command to go into service or pick up the car does not appear


I have already said, if you’re having issues with an addon post in the original thread and don’t create a new one.